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FMA - OCR Youth League entails a collective of coaches, organizations, and obstacle racing enthusiasts looking to further establish a platform where particpants can enjoy themselves and at the same time develop through a variety of individual and team-oriented-initiatives.


The platform has been designed to maintain all the fun and competitive attributes from other existing adult as well as youth recreational options. However, additional focus has been placed on developing skills and mindsets that will prove useful in others aspects of living.



Founder of FMA (Focused Movement Academy) and leader of its current children's Warrior Kids program, Christian Bizzotto is world class know in the OCR scene and certified at the highest levels regarding all OCR Training pedigrees including SPARTAN SGX.

Featured in a variety of publications and media avenues including Men's Health, The Today Show, ABC and The Washington Post, Christian continues to innovate the OCR segment and is responsible for concept as well as all programs as far as the OCR Youth league is concerned.



Mixed media artist Pep Menendez and attorney David Forman, co-founders of the OCR Youth League, have taken it upon themselves to establish and further the ongoing OCR youth effort through a variety of local and regional platforms. With several OCR races under their belt and working in partnership with Christian Bizzotto and FMA, they look to pioneer new and innovative platforms for South Florida's youth.


Milla Bizzotto is an inspiration to us all. Featured internationally in over 50 publications, she represents an ideal and fuels our efforts towards anti-bullying, equality, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.



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