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The Warrior Focus Foundation, offers at-risk and underprivileged youth the opportunity to fully benefit from as well as develop within our exercise and mindset platform.

The experience is designed to provide equal access and expose such youth, to an environment that pairs competitive athletics with life-skill principles such as confidence, failure management, leadership, team work, accountability, anti-bullying and more.


The program in itself entails a network of sponsoring brands, individuals and organizations working together to empower kids (ages 8 - 18) annually; through participation in our curriculum and full access within our developmental activities. 


The W150 is a function of our 501(c)(3) Not For Profit: Warrior Focus Foundation. Becoming part of our Warrior 150 network is simple.  Whether you are a commercial entity, group or individual, all you need to do is sponsor one child ($99 per child, per month). The $99 per month provides each child with full access to our developmental platform.

There are no ancillary or hidden 'administrative' fees. 100% percent of the $99 goes to their membership which covers all coaching and operational expenses required to fuel the curriculum as well as training necessary to yield empowering results.

Furthermore, as W150 members and beyond the fulfillment associated with helping kids maximize their potential, sponsors have the opportunity to network with other sponsors and engender opportunities within our micro-economy / consumer base.

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